Wellness Tourism Initiative

The purpose of this Wellness Tourism Initiative is to increase awareness, understanding and the opportunities in one of the fastest growing tourism segments globally. The GWI Global Wellness Tourism Initiative will be instrumental in:

  • Fostering a greater understanding about the global wellness traveler
  • Promoting the value and opportunity of this segment to stakeholders
  • Deep diving into the global wellness travelers’ motivations and needs to support the practical integration into wellness marketing and operational strategies

Our intended audience is tourism industry stakeholders including but not limited to travel suppliers & distributors, transportation & hospitality brands, DMCs/DMOs, tourism boards, NGOs, and service providers to this set of organizations. Learn More

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Initiative Leadership

Katherine Droga

Katherine Droga

Initiative Chair

Founder, Droga & Co., Australia

Katherine Droga is passionate about the transformational effect travel can have for people and the planet. Katherine Droga is a wellness entrepreneur and founder of the Wellness Tourism Industry Summit, Wellness Wander, a consumer event celebrating wellness and supporting regional communities…Read More

Lindsay Madden-Nadeau

Lindsay Madden-Nadeau

Vice Chair

Founder, Meraki Bespoke Wellness Strategies-Cote D’Azur, France

Lindsay has spent the past 20 years traveling the globe working for some of the biggest names in hospitality and wellness. Lindsay most recent role was Global Director of Wellbeing for the luxury division of Accor, responsible for each individual brand’s global wellbeing strategy, including conceptualization, brand creation, programming…Read More



  • Clearly define the term wellness tourism destination and its context
  • Identify criteria that make a great wellness destination
  • Demonstrate global best practice by countries, regions and cities in wellness tourism destination development and promotion
  • Identify the key success metrics and components required for a wellness tourism destination to succeed
  • Identify consumer trends in wellness and travel that are impacting and shaping consumer demand and destination selection

Initiative Members

Meet the renowned thought leaders in this field who are collaborating to educate and evolve wellness in this area of global importance.



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