The Global Wellness Economy: A New World

To be released at the 2023 Global Wellness Summit, November 6-9, in Doha, Qatar.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) first defined and measured the global wellness economy in 2014. Since that time, GWI has become the go-to source of comprehensive global wellness industry data for business leaders, governments, researchers, and the media. Two years ago, GWI released wellness economy data that captured the dramatic developments in this $4+ trillion industry in the pre-COVID and pandemic eras, also providing detailed country-level wellness economy figures and rankings for the first time. In 2023, the GWI research team will unveil an update of the global wellness economy in a new, post-COVID world. This report will provide detailed 2022 numbers and analysis for all eleven wellness sectors: wellness real estate; physical activity; healthy eating, nutrition, & weight loss; mental wellness; workplace wellness; traditional & complementary medicine; public health, prevention, & personalized medicine; wellness tourism; spas; thermal/mineral springs; and personal care & beauty. The report will include regional data and the top performing countries across each sector, as well as forecasts of future growth rates. The findings will be presented and released at the 2023 Global Wellness Summit in Qatar. For more information on GWI’s wellness economy data, see Wellness Economy Data Series.

Wellness Policy Toolkits

Forthcoming in 2023.

GWI’s new Wellness Policy Series is a compilation of nine reports, which aim to define wellness policy, articulate why it is needed, and provide a framework and set of strategies for implementing wellness policies across many domains of wellness. In 2023, GWI will release a series of Wellness Policy Toolkits, which will focus on seven domains of wellness: physical activity, healthy eating, mental wellness, traditional and complementary medicine, wellness in the built environment, wellness at work, and wellness in tourism. Each toolkit will address both the why and how of wellness policy: What is the rationale and need for wellness policy action in each domain? How can stakeholders (governments, businesses, communities, nonprofits) take action to address important issues and gaps? For more information, see Wellness Policy Series.